Safety Tips for Using Wood Heater to Raise Its Efficiency

One of the world’s oldest and simplest types of heaters is wood-burning stoves. These are spread all over the world too, where this kind of amenity is required. This wood heater is one of the most efficient ways to heat a home or a room among its other counterparts. However, after the Second World War the mass use of this kind of heating solution has been reduced. 
Wood Heater
Wood Heater

The reason for the decline in these wood-based stoves is due to the evolvement of new technological warming systems. These counterparts are the heaters based on oil, gas, and electricity fuelled systems. But, due to various reasons including the observation of climate changes in different parts of the world, the use of fuel oil and gas-based warmers is stopped. Nevertheless, there is a chance that the wood-based heaters can re enter the market though the electric-based systems are far more advanced and revolutionary than any other type of heater.

How to Improve the Efficiency of Wood Heater?
First, we have to see and observe the various dangers which are occurring from several inefficient wood-based stoves. The greatest danger is fire that occurs due to improper installation and maintenance of the stoves, which at one time bounce back and cause danger to the surroundings. There are some boundaries which are not to be demolished, and if done then damage can occur.

Likewise in these stoves, if there is no space for any combustibles through the proper chimneys or any other places, then damage can occur. Some techniques are listed below to make an efficient chimney:
  • Creosote: Check for creosote in pipes, or the hash carbonaceous chemicals that are stored in the chimney pipes after a long time of burning wood as fuel. These might give serious damages to the system if not used in the proper state, and moreover, if it is not maintained properly.
  • Rust: Checking for rusts in certain areas such as the edges of the pipes are must in the maintenance options because rust is the dangerous enemy of any metal.
  • The stove: It is important to maintain the main place where all the burning is happening because clearing the residue or ashes of the woods are needed to keep a stove in good working condition for long period. It is true that the longer the period it stays unattended or unmaintained, it will get damaged fast.
  • House: It is also important to place a wood heater in a place, which is spacious than other regions. The main reason behind this step can be defined in case of any danger, where some space can able to prevent some life-threatening situations.
Wood Heater
Wood Heater

How to Choose Best Quality Woods for Wood Heater?
Everybody knows that not all woods are same, but it is also very noticeable that not every wood comes from the same type of trees thus some erupt low heat while other erupt more.

It is all about the intensity the woods are based on, and these clarify the heat they generate. Some of the greater heat valued woods are from hickory, oak, ash, sugar maple, apple, and many more trees. These high intensity woods can generate low ash to make the heater efficient in the high emitting heat with an even lower level of creosote.

On the other hand, the medium levelled heat valued woods come from the white birch, red maple, eastern larch, elm, and much more. These emit medium heat but emit more smoke and creosote than the high heat valued woods. Lastly, the woods of aspen, white pine, redwood, hemlock, cottonwood, and others are low-level woods that emit low heat energy and more creosote and smoke. 
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