Get to the Basic Types of Guardrail Used These Days

In generic term, a guardrail is widely used for barrier and safety purpose. These are major parts of the industrial structures which are installed at platform ends and are associated with mezzanine structures in most of the industrial structures. Whenever you get a close watch at highways, you can see these rails offering a protective barrier against any kind of vehicle impact. It is further designed to prevent falls and to cover some production areas.

The standard fabricating materials used are various forms of stainless steel. This material is known for its durability. Another interesting addition is the use of wooden materials. No matter whatever material you choose for use, it must match with the OSHA standard. There are double and single railing options available and must be installed by experts only.

The Class for You to Follow

Basically, there are two types of guardrail available nowadays. The type I is the hot-dip galvanized one under 550 gram per meter square. The type II is the hot-dip galvanized within 1100g per meter square. Depending on the thickness and materials used, the classes are further sub-divided into multiple categories.
  • The class A 1 has to be of 2.67mm base metal as the nominal thickness. Grade Q235 is the steel used in this regard.
  • The class A 2 is of the same base metal but with a different steel grade. Here, the option is Q345.
  • There is class B 1 option available. Here the base metal thickness has to be 3.43mm and with a steel grade of Q235.
  • Under the class B 2, the grade remains 3mm and the steel grade remains same as class B 1.
These are the basic measurements of the guardrail; however, the types and classes are subject to differ depending on the manufacturers and the quality of guard rails. Make sure to check out the manufacturers before finalizing on a deal.

Going for The Types

Before you finalize the guardrail of your choice, make sure to check out the types offered by most of the companies. You can try going for the guardrail barrier, designed for highways. These are made as per the client’s requirements and availed under customized help.
  • You can further opt for W beam highway guardrail. This is used on the roadside or even for covering the middle part of the road, to divide it into two lanes. These guard rails are perfect for the shaper curves and even for the slops.
  • If you want to spend extra money for highway guardrail, then you can always try to add Three beam. This kind of guardrail can be used on the roadside for just covering the middle of the road. This is designed for better road safety.
  • Ensure that you invest money for the guardrail posts as these are important parts for supporting the corrugated sheets beams with the anti-corrosion-based performance.
  • The strengthened guard rail is yet another example of a guardrail. It comes with 3beams in a complete package. Among the 3 beams available, one or two beams come with PVC coated galvanized steel materials.

Even Used in A Facility

There are times when you might be looking for guardrail for a facility setting to protect your company’s assets which might include expensive equipment or even employees. As per the OSHA standard, employees working on surfaces of minimum 4 feet height must have their own personal fall protection packages or kits like guard rails or the handrails for extra protection.  Always search online to get the best options available in the market as per your needs and requirements.

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