Different Types of Tools Used by A Professional Electrician

Repairing faulty electrical wires, installing new switchboards and fuses, organizing cables into bundles with aesthetically pleasing cable channels and designing the electrical layout for new building are the most difficult tasks which can be done by professional electricians only. But it is not as easy as it seems to find a trained and licensed electrician in your locality. Today, you can find a list of electricians online, with customer reviews and ratings phone numbers, addresses, and other such details. You can hire an electrician by scrolling through such websites, or you can ask for the recommendation from your friends and neighbors. Before that, you must know about the different kinds of tools used by these electricians and they must appear with their handyman tools at your location. If you do not find out these advanced tools in their tool kit, then you must avoid them because they might be novice in this field.

#5 Basic Tools That Must Be Used by Every Electrician:

Here you can find some basic equipment which must be used by every electrician. So, let us have a look at them:    
  1. Every electrician should carry a flashlight. Even if they do not require the flashlight in your project then also they will come with a handy flashlight because sockets, wore boxes and electrician pipes are always dark from the inside and they need to use their flashlight to reach these narrow areas. Most of the electricians carry a lightweight flashlight, because they need to carry other tools in hand to fix the issue in an effective and efficient way.
  2. Voltmeters are another important tool for every electrician because they need to use this tool for their safety. This tool is basically measure the potential electrical voltage of two electrical circuits. An electrician cannot assume the circuit that does not have any electricity, and he must test the electrical power flowing capacity of the circuit with their voltmeter. With this tool, the electricians can identify the live circuit and they can repair the circuit or change the devices according to their needs.
  3. Apart from that, every electrician must have a wire stripper. This is a small and handy tool which looks like a scissor and with this wire stripper, an electrician can remove or unbound the insulation of the wires without cutting the main copper wires. After removing the insulation case of the wires, the electrician can connect the main wires with the switchboard, conductors and electrical circuits.
  4. Pliers are also an important tool that every electrician needs to have because  this tool helps electrician tighten or loosen the electrical components and wires. Apart from that, they can also use the same tool for various other purposes such as for twisting and puling electrical wires, cutting the wires and for gripping the electrical panels to connect them with the main circuit.
  5. Draw tapes are also necessary for electrical works and these tapes are designed with carbon steel coils. Electrician can pass the draw tapes from one conduit to another and attach the guide strings to finish their conceal work. Once the electrician meets the end of the conduit with draw tapes, they can easily tighten the wires and organize them with the cable channels.
Before hiring an electrician, you need to check the above tools and then you need to verify their licenses, insurance, experience and other relevant documents. You can find some reputed electrician’s number on the telephone directories; online directories and you can also search them in your locality.

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