Different Varieties of Floor Mats Available in The Market for Various Purposes

The floors always must be covered securely with carpets or thick mats, if you want to increase the longevity of the flooring materials. These floor coverings also provide comfort to the feet of the people walking over those floors. The risks of slipping off on the marble or porcelain floor tiles can also be prevented by the continuous use of the floor mats over the flooring spaces. There are different types of mats available in the market, categorized according to the exact purpose of using these mats or the materials from which these mats are manufactured.
Floor Mats

Popular Categories in Which the Floor Mats Are Available

  • Anti-fatigue mats are produced with special designs that prevent the ache in the feet caused due to standing over the floors for longer period. These floor mats are more used in the commercial establishments, where some staffs need to stand for many hours for accomplishing their jobs. Various restaurants, hotels, snack bars and departmental stores also use these mats on their floors, where the customers need to wait in long queues to get the delivery of their orders.
  • Entrance mats or carpets are mainly used as the doormats on the entrance areas of the commercial and domestic buildings. These types of mats are designed to clean the shoes of the people stepping in, for maintaining the cleanliness of the indoor areas. These mats are also seen to be placed before the elevators and at the lobbies of the hotels, to keep these areas cleaner. The floor surfaces and expensive carpets are thus saved from mud and dirt carried by the shoe soles.
  • Wet floor mats are very useful for placing on the kitchen floors, on the floors of the dish rooms of hotels and on the spaces behind the bars at the pubs. These mats are designed to absorb the excess liquid fallen on the floor surfaces, thus preventing slipping off of the people walking there and are also termed as anti-slip mats. These mats are provided with drainage holes that enable the mat fiber to dry fast. Some people also prefer these mats to be grease-resistant, mainly in the kitchens where the floors often become oily due to the cooking procedures.
  • Scraper mats are also used mostly at the entrances of the offices or homes, as these mats can hold large amount of sand and soil stuck to the shoes of the people walking in. These mats wipe off the shoe soles of the people and save the indoor floors from undesired marks of soiled shoes.
  • Interior mats are rapidly used in many households for capturing the dust and spilled liquids, mainly in the living rooms and dining spaces. These floor mats are also used at parts of the offices, which are frequented by too many people.
  • Logo mats are customized with the logo of the company where the mats are supposed to be used. These mats help in promoting the corporate image of the company before the clients and other visitors to the office.
  •  Coir mats are always manufactured from the rough coir obtained from the outer parts of the coconuts. These mats are available in very cheap prices and thus, widely used in all common houses and offices. The natural absorbing power of the coir makes these mats perfect to be used as entrance mats and wet resistance mats.
  • Rubber mats are mainly found in the commercial establishments, as the superb durability of firm rubber is beneficial in using these mats for years. These mats can be provided with anti-fatigue qualities due to the normal softness and elasticity of rubber.
All these mats are widely seen on the floors and are greatly useful in all the domestic and commercial buildings, that aims at increasing the comfort level of the people.

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