Tips on Installing Split System Air Conditioner in Home

We know that air-conditioners are a necessity these days and you have different types available in the market. And, by opting for split systems air-conditioner you can look forward to the many benefits it offers.
Split System Installation

Several Factors have to be Considered before its Installation:

  • The installation of these systems works out to be easy as there is no duct work involved.
  • Maintenance is convenient. The filters of this system are washable and all you need to ensure is the periodic servicing with the help of professionals.
  • Since these air conditioning systems operate in a quiet manner they are ideal for libraries or similar places.
  • Most of these systems offer you the option of ‘climate control’ which caters to the heating requirement also.
  • These systems are available with remote control, for controlling the temperature.
  • Multiple designs and styles in these air-conditioning systems make choosing one in accordance to the interior of your home easy.

Split System Installations:

Split systems installations Melbourne needs precise attention. A system which is installed in the right manner can cool the required area to the maximum. If there is a mistake when getting this installed you tend to face problems with this system and also land up paying maintenance frequently. Considering some factors before you get the split systems installations Melbourne can ensure the system operates well.
Split System
Split System
  • Make sure the wall chosen to hold the indoor unit is strong enough.
  • You need to ensure there is open space of at least 15 cm on the top and the sides for proper air flow.
  • For adequate cooling ensure that the indoor unit is at least 7 to 8 feet above the ground.
  • The aluminum bracket needs to be fitted on the wall at a specific angle. This ensures that the condensed water from the drain pipe can flow without any restrictions.
  • The outdoor unit needs to be placed away from direct sunlight and water. Ensure that this is installed in an open space to prevent any hindrance to the heat given out by the condenser.
  • The outdoor unit needs to be placed on a surface which is rigid and flat.  You can prevent any vibrations in this unit by placing it in the right place. You need to be aware that this unit holds important parts of the air conditioner, like fan motor, compressor, and condenser, excessive vibration can lead to damage.
  • The indoor and the outdoor unit need to be installed at the right distance. The coolant flows inside the copper tubes at extremely low temperatures. There might be a loss to the effect of cooling when flowing; keeping them at a minimum distance can prevent this loss. 15 meters can be the maximum distance between the outdoor and the indoor unit of the split air-conditioning systems.
Most often you have the manufacturers providing you with experienced professionals for the installation at no extra cost. In case you have to find someone to install this system, make sure they are qualified and experienced so that they can do this in an apt manner.  Ask around or probably search online. Make sure of the reputation so that you are offered exceptional customer service without any problems. A little effort in finding the right company for the split system installation, Melbourne can go a long way. It is advisable to ask the manufacturer when you need to get the servicing done once this is installed. This can keep the system running smoothly for a long period of time.
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