Safety Anchor Points - Which You Should Always Avoid Using

When you are out for buying safety anchors and fall anchors, you have to know that fall protection system will only be as strong as the components it is made up of. Hence, it becomes very important for you to analyse your needs and look out for something, which is appropriate and the best for your needs. This is one system, which is essential for protecting you, as well as your workers. Hence, you have to choose the best. When you have right safety anchor points analysed for the plug in you can be sure of avoiding the deadly hazards.
Safety Anchor Points
If you are planning to choose the right point on your property, you will first have to know what qualifies as a suitable anchorage point. There are some essential parameters, which you have to look into while picking on an anchor point. When you are on a construction site, know that fall remains the major killing reason for many. Major casualties occur if the worker has not followed safety measures, not harnessed properly or the safety anchor points are not rightly planned. You should know that fall protections are not at all easy. You will have to consider many things and know about it well, so that every situation which dangers your life can be taken care of.

Safety anchor points are termed to be a vital part of the fall protection system. Thus, you will have to see to it that you research well on the same. These points are usually installed on the roof but see to it that they are analysed before using. There are some installed points, which are a big no to be used. You will have to be careful with the same. Two important things, which you should avoid as a point to be anchored are mentioned below.
Safety Anchor Points

Beam Trolleys and Clamps:

When planning for anchor points, steel can surely be a great option to consider. This can include ones, which are strong, load-bearing steel beams. However, know that only if your work is fairly static in location, you can opt for these beam clamps and trolleys if you need to travel.

Both of these will work under the same principle but if the weight of the person using the anchor is more than the bearing capacity of the beam or trolley it can be fatal. Thus, avoid such things. It is mainly because there is no wider part in the beam where tightening the anchor can be possible.

Trolley also has rollers and this can be dangerous if not minded. Thus, it is suggested that you avoid such points and look for a steady one.
Safety Anchor Points

Anchor Straps:

Most of you will have a strap installed on the roof, which is generally used for the climbing purpose. You can tie up your anchor to this and make it as a safety anchor point if the work to be done is small and the weight of the worker is not too much. However, know that regular and prolonged use of these ladders will be fatal.

They are non-supporting structural ladders, which are put up and the chances of breaking or cracking are equally high. You cannot have slings hanging through this for any purpose because it can cause a lot of serious injuries and death, sometimes.

Other safety anchor points, which are a big no for a heavy task, include mobile anchors with weights, door bars, tripods, and lot more. It is suggested that you look out for a point, which is at a convenient place and has no sharp objects, pipes or infrastructure around.
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