Finding and Dealing with The Granite and Marble Suppliers

It is a popular belief that marble or granite makes a good option for home or office renovation. Be it flooring or having a countertop, you can think of these natural stones. Their sturdiness makes them popular for residential and commercial uses.
granite and marble suppliers
Granite and Marble Suppliers
However, the key is to find the right granite and marble suppliers. There are several things that one has to note when it comes to buying natural stones and dealing with the suppliers.
  • Purpose: The first thing that you need to know is the purpose of the stones. Whether you are using granite or marble for flooring or countertop, shelves or any other use, you need to know its use. Once you are clear about the use, you can approach the granite and marble suppliers to help you with the delivery. It is possible that you might not be aware of which stone will go where better. Some people need the marble and granite slabs for their internal decoration of their home, whereas some others need the slabs for the beautification of their garden. In any case, it is very important to get the purpose right before the installation experts start their work.
  • Types: When one talks of types in granite and marble, it is about the size and pattern. Certainly, you will find the width of the stones used for flooring will be different from that on the counter table.  Unless you are aware of the different types that are available, you will not be able to interact with the granite and marble suppliers. Hence, the first task is to update yourself with the information on the different types that are available in the stones with different suppliers.
  • Installation: Not every granite and marble suppliers will be able to or want to help you with the installation. Hence, it is best to first inquire about the installation formalities. Be up front to ask if the supplier will help you with the delivery and installation. The next thing you need to know is if the supplier will charge you separately for the delivery and installation. You have to be clear about such things as you will not want your budget to go awry because of it. Hence, work on the details first before you think of approaching the supplier.
  • Supply and Maintenance: Most of the granite and marble suppliers and even the buyers are of the view that the job ends once the material is supplied. However, the real job begins while the material is being installed and even post installation. What if there is an accident on the site and the granite or the marble you ordered is damaged? Would you be able to get a similar material in the same or more quantity? Hence, you have to discuss such options with the supplier. Also, you need to get information on cleanliness and maintenance of the stones. The suppliers are the experts and would help you with practical tips.
  • Pricing and Payments: Usually, the price of the granite and marble is steady across the suppliers. So, you would not find fluctuations while comparing the deals. It is only the delivery and installation where you will have to work out on the margin. Before you place the order, you should clarify on the payment terms with the granite and marble suppliers. Be ready for partial advance payment or full payment upon delivery.
granite and marble suppliers
Granite and Marble Suppliers
However, make sure you ask if the supplier wants cash or card payments would do. Accordingly, you have to be ready with the payment. Once you are clear on the above-discussed terms, you can find it easy to deal with the suppliers.
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