Easy to Follow Roman Blinds Cleaning Tips

Roman blinds are a great alternative for curtains which give the home a more comfortable and aesthetic feel. But along with that comfort comes the problem of cleaning roman blinds. With so much proximity to the windows, the blinds become dusty and stained quite easily. What is the best way of cleaning roman blinds and make them look like new again? Here is what you will need to do for that:
cleaning roman blinds
Cleaning Roman Blinds
Before you start cleaning your roman blinds, you need to know the details of the material the roman blinds are made up of. The material of roman blinds can be widely classified into 2 categories: wood and fabric. Wood is easy to clean. All you need to take care of is to not damage the paint on the wood while cleaning which is quite easy. Cleaning roman blinds’ fabrics, on the other hand is a tricky business. Fabric materials like suede and linen are the most delicate ones. All the fabric blinds come with manufacturer instructions and guidelines for cleaning. Follow those cleaning guidelines carefully. Cleaning roman blinds with embroidery is even more difficult. But here are some methods that can make the process easier without damaging the material of roman blinds.

#1. Vacuuming regularly is the key: Dust is collected over the blinds and when this dust settles and stays for a longer time, it damages the blinds. Instead of letting this happen, you should keep a habit of cleaning your blinds regularly with a vacuum cleaner. Use a vacuum fabric brush or a handheld vacuum to go over your roman blinds on a weekly basis and be sure to focus on the folds where the dust accumulation rate is faster. If you live in dry and dusty areas, vacuum your shades trice a week. In short, decide the vacuuming frequency based on the regional atmosphere. Also, you can set the frequency based on the frequency of your carpet vacuuming. For roman blinds, it is mostly half the carpet vacuuming frequency.

#2. Spot removing solutions for stains: When you stain your blinds, cleaning those stains can be confusing as there is a risk of damaging the fabric. To ensure that you do not, mess up the fabric, there are spot removing solutions provided by the manufacturers. You can use it to get rid of stains. The best tip here is to act on the stains as soon as possible and not let it go dry. In case of hard stains, you may need to use solutions that are more concentrated and for that ensure that you go through the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning roman blinds and test the solution on an inconspicuous area first to be safe. Always make sure you cross reference any spot cleaner you use to the specifications mentioned by the manufacturer.

#3. Steam cleaning: Most roman blinds are not waterproof. So, steam cleaning is the only option. But while steam cleaning roman blinds, you need to be careful to not scald the material or dampen it too much.

#4. Cleaning wooden roman blinds: Use a “wood only” brush cleaner for vacuuming and cleaning roman blinds made of wood. Remember to clean them on both the sides and not only from the visible side. You can treat the blinds with a wood cleaner to make it shinier.
cleaning roman blinds
Cleaning Roman Blinds
Also, in the case of embroidered fabrics, it is advisable to dust instead of vacuuming to prevent causing any damage to the embroidery. In the case of wine, spaghetti or other food stains, soda water works well in case you are out of spot removing solutions. But to be safe, make sure the manufacturer has not mentioned soda in the list of ingredients to not be used for cleaning.

You can always resort to professional dry cleaning once in a year or according to the requirement for cleaning roman blinds.

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