Plan Your Kitchen Cabinets with Lots of Ideas

Kitchen cabinets are often sold ready made. You would surf online and find lots of shops selling ready to use kitchen cabinets. While some are made of hardwood and ply and come in as a one whole unit, some come in a ready to assemble package where you assemble the many units to form the one engineered wood or metal made kitchen cabinet. But in case you need a cabinet as per your kitchen free space, which is too big or too small than average, you may look for custom cabinet providers.
Cabinet Maker
Cabinet Maker

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Some companies make custom kitchen cabinets while all the materials are supplied as per the standard requirements of a modern kitchen, as per the dimensions and shelf sizes are specified by you. This gives you a lot of freedom to organize your kitchen. Sometimes people, who have never planned their kitchen as a modular organized space, should start from such cabinets to organize things by ordering custom cabinets. The various advantages of making cabinets for kitchen as per your own design, then to buy a predesigned cabinet, are as follows:

Dimensions are determined by you, and as a result whether you plan it short or high, deep or shallow, any length and breadth.
  • It’s your decision, the number of shelves you need, and the internal dimensions of shelves
  • You can plan a hinged door or a sliding door as needed.
  • If you want glass fittings you may include them, like glasses on the cabinet doors, or glass shelves.
  • You can choose a variety of material and finishes in the cabinet design, like wood finish, metal finish, laminate finish etc.
  • You can select any color with the choice of laminate as per your kitchen theme.
  • You can use magnetic knobs, or latch locks, or may use simple vacuum locks for the doors.

Things to Consider While Planning the Cabinet Design

While you design the cabinet, there are a few things which you will have to consider.
  • You must decide to keep in mind the climate of your place. If you stay in a hot and humid zone, wood will not suit your kitchen, but ply and engineered boards are better alternatives.
  • Cabinet spacing is also a matter of concern. You should have enough spacing to stand after the opening of cabinet door.  Hence, remember to keep that space on floor while the cabinet doors are open.
  • Prepare a cabinet as per your height. If the cabinet is too high to reach the upper shelves, then you will get into a mess each time you need to reach it, and probably the upper shelves will certainly remain unused.
  • The ground clearance, the cabinet offers is important too, as you will have to mop and clean the floor to keep the kitchen clean.
  • Include good amount of lighting inside the cabinet. Old cabinets seldom came with light fittings, but the new designs can be planned with apt wiring to fit lights inside, so that you can work much comfortably, and find your required items in the darkest kitchen too.
Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

Where to Order Your Kitchen Cabinet

You have many options to order the kitchen cabinet in several ways. The conventional way is to bring home a carpenter and tell your requirements and supply materials etc and monitor the work progresses. But this does not work anymore on the current day when most of your time is absorbed in busy work and other important daily chores. Therefore, the smart consumer should order a cabinet online with all the requirements, where the kitchen cabinet makers service would make something apt for the custom order.

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