Bathroom Renovation Tips For You

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Thinking of some great bathroom renovations ideas? Perhaps, you must be looking out for one such design that can make your bathroom look gorgeous. Whether you have a small or a majestic bathroom, you can come up with a design that best suits your bathroom accommodating bathroom supplies that you want there. Read on, to find out some basic steps on how to go about renovating your bathroom.
Bathroom Renovations Melbourne
Bathroom Renovations
Below discussed is a guide for you to begin with the bathroom renovation task- 

Guide to bathroom renovations

  • Prepare a draft- To start with, you should prepare a draft of all the things you need in your bathroom. Big or small, just pen it down. Whether it is lighting, bath tub, sanitary ware or vanity, you have to be specific about the kind of accessories you are choosing. 
  • Considering all options- Once you have listed, it’s time to execute. Shop! The required parts may take days or more to arrive if you shop online. While you shop for your bathroom, make sure to consider all the options. Do not just stick to the sanitary ware shop in your locality. At home centers, you may get only a limited variety of supplies and vanities. If you are planning for a special order, then it could take a little longer to be delivered. Yes, special orders take time. Thus, you can think of local independent suppliers located in the other areas who are experienced in offering natural stone tops in different colors and sizes.  
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Bathroom Renovations
  • Shower storage- The People seek style and they are ready to spend on it. Gone are the days when individual plastic containers were the only decorative items were available. These days, homeowners get nice shelves built in their bathroom. Thus, you can think of installing a quality shelf in the wall itself to keep your shampoos, razors, body wash etc. The built-in-the-wall shelving will look clean and will augment the entire look of your modern bathroom. It will not protrude into the shower and will keep you safe.
  • Use of accent tiles- While you are hunting for the best tiles for bathroom renovations, think of mosaic or glass tiles. If it is out of your budget, then you can go for accent tiles. It means that you do not have to install an expensive tile all over your bathroom but you can just make a pattern with it. Mosaic or glass tile may cost you around $5 per 12-inch square sheet, so you can just make a border with these tiles and give your bathroom a unique pattern.
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Bathroom Renovations
So, when you have all the items ready, you should hire a reputed contractor who will renovate your bathroom in the least possible time. These contractors are aware of the importance of a bathroom in a household and hence they set expectations prior starting the work.
  • Time to remove the existing bathroom tiles removal and replacement
  • Time for fitting Bathroom supplies.
  • Time for artificial roof or any additional lighting you may need.
  • The expenditure for each of the steps
  • Sign off
Whatever accessories or bathroom items you are buying, make sure you do that from a renowned store. Try to approach the store that keeps the finest quality of sanitary ware at the most competitive prices. You can hunt such a store on the internet or take references of it from your friends and known ones. Remember, bathroom renovation is a long-term investment. Thus, you cannot afford to compromise with the quality.
Designer Bathrooms Melbourne
Designer Bathrooms

Quick Tips for Bathroom Renovations

  1. 3 must-haves in your bathroom are Bath, Sink and Vanity or the commode.
  2. It is better to install a corner sink in order to prevent the disruption in the traffic lane in the bathroom.
  3. Shower curtains can save much space and money as compared to the glass door. You can just slide the curtain instead of sliding the door in and out.
  4. For smaller bathrooms, it is better to go with the rounded style of vanity. It will prevent hip bruises and will make your bathroom look spacious. 

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