Structured Cabling For Integrated IT and Telecommunication Needs

Structured cabling is immensely important in this IT dominated world because it makes the hardware backbone of all information technology solutions. Thus, it is crucial for every establishment to have the cable networking done properly. This type of cabling solution includes horizontal and vertical cabling, demarcation point, work space constituents and telecommunication spaces. These five major subsystems build up the cable structure in an area. As a whole the entire system works to organize, route and manage different cables mainly the optical fibres of IT system. Only competent experts can install and maintain the optical fibre cabling. DIY is not a wise option for such installations as fault in the IT cables may cause of a lot of damage to the business and overall work of a company.
Structured Cabling
Structured Cabling

The Main Component Subsystems of Structured Cabling:

  •  Demarcation Point: It indicates the end of network provider and also connects the area where network cables are installed.
  • Telecommunication Spaces: These are mainly equipment storage rooms but they also act as merging space of all the cables in the network system.
  • Horizontal Cable: This type of wiring links the communication room with the outlets present in the building including floor ceilings.
  • Vertical Wiring: This acts as linkers between various equipment rooms that may or may not be situated on the same floor of a building.
  •  Work Space Constituents: These connect user devices with output channels.
The structured cabling as a whole comprises of all the hardware and wires or optical fibres that build up any telecommunication platform. Based on this structure, all other data transformation or IT services of a company (both government and non-government i.e. privet) are constructed. This is the very fundamental base of data transformation and telecommunication needs of an organization.

Variation in Structured cabling system:

The installation method for IT cable networks are standardized in every country, though the standards may differ from one continent to other. But in one country these standards make sure that all installed cables in and around the country meet the same level of acceptance.

This structuring system remains unique in each and every installation case as because-
  • Each client has own unique IT wire structuring requirement. 

  • Each workplace i.e. building where cable installation is done has unique architecture.
  • Every organization has different telecommunication need, and so the purpose of installed wires varies.
  • In some cases, an organisation may already have installed structured cabling. Re-installation must match up with the configuration of the former system.
  • The installed cables may support a wide range of equipments. These equipments not only vary from company to company but also vary with time. With time more modern IT equipments are installed in same premises and the existing network must support them as well.
  • The cables and networking system and their manufacturer warrantees vary in each case.
Structured Cabling
Structured Cables

Pro side of structured cabling:

Such a way of installing network cables has many advantages such as:
  • Data transferred and encrypted in this method are secured, safe and stored with optimal security.
  • Re-installation and relocating these cable networks is less hazardous and flexible.
  • The communication made through such structures is speedy and dependable.
  • Any type of organization can afford it, as it ensures cost efficiency.
  • All types of infrastructures can adapt this type of structure without any issues.

Users of such cabling structures can share data, voice messages, audio- visual information, multimedia and similar such things in a fast way. This information sharing structures allow uninterrupted communication over long distances. The installation is the key, and taking professional help is the only way.

For more details, you can search through the reliable online portals, to get ideas about how to do structured cabling installation easily.

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