Stay Away from Bugs And Insects With Fly screens For Sliding Doors

People living in warmer environment always have to share their home space with some unwelcome insects and bugs, especially mosquitoes and flies. Mosquitoes spread diseases like malaria, filarial disease, dengue etc.  Flies and other bugs contaminate our food, water and air, and spread diseases like cholera, diarrhoea etc. Apart from that their presence, humming noise and uninterrupted bites are quiet annoying. Placing insect screens on doors and windows is a good way to keep these insects away. But during opening and closing of doors many little menaces infiltrate our homes, fly screens for sliding doors is a good option to prevent such unwanted invasion.

It is difficult to keep doors and windows closed during hot summer days, and keeping the air conditioner on round the clock costs a great deal of energy and money (due to sky rising electricity bills). But open doors mean an increase in insect population inside the home. But insect screens for sliding doors can be your saviour in this situation locking the insects outside.
 Fly screens For Sliding Doors
 Fly screens For Sliding Doors
  • What fly screens for sliding doors exactly mean?

These are hinged or drop down fly screens specially framed on sliding doors. Even when the doors are opened, these specially designed screens lock the insects outside. This system also allows proper air circulation while the hot and humid air goes out, the cold fresh air enters the home. These screens are so useful; they even keep pets and small children restricted to indoors. Retractable and drop screens are the most common variants of such fly screens for sliding doors.
  • Prerequisites:

These sliding fly screens are preferred mostly by those who have good amount of door space. These screens require larger sliding width. These are the most modern type of fly screens for sliding doors as their installation and relocation is very flexible.

The fly screens for sliding doors are very contemporary in terms of their working principle. These screens are sturdy and have a long working life (mostly ten to twelve years). These sliding screens are quiet easy to take out and easy for fresh installation. Once these screens are installed you can chuck off all the worries of using mosquito repellents, smoky coils, harsh insect sprays and other chemicals. These screens will do all the work and hardly need maintenance or replacement. But to ensure optimal usage, do clean these screens at regular intervals.
 Fly screens For Sliding Doors
 Fly screens For Sliding Doors
  • Fly Screens for Sliding Doors Do It Yourself Cleaning Tips:

These screens can be of non-fixed and fixed type. For fixed type screens take a vacuum cleaner and clean the screen with care. But you can also follow the below mentioned process but in that case you must spread some sheets below the screen and on the floor, and mop the floor dry after the cleaning process is over.

In case it is non fixed fly screens for sliding doors, you need to start by removing the screen carefully and spread them outside home on a clear space. Make sure you do the cleaning during day time because as the sunlight reduces, more and more insects infiltrate the home.

Using a hose pipe or a water pipe, first clean the surface dirt layer.

Take a sponge and soak it in soapy water solution.

Scrub the entire fly screen and remove all traces of dirt.

With the help of water pipe clean the dirty water away and then air dry the screen and refit on the door again. Be careful with water usage and scrubbing process, make sure you do not tear a hole in the screen. 
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