Stay Eco friendly and save the world by using multi wallpaper bags

Plastics were the most commonly used material for packing things, but as we became aware of the environmental hazards it caused, the technology adopted the use of paper bags which are environment-friendly. Multi wallpaper bags are developed using paper as the main material. It may also contain plastic films which form a lining inside the bag in order to keep it resistant to moisture and other small animals.
multiwall paper bags
multiwall paper bags
What’s cool about this?

  • It’s damn eco-friendly. 
  • It is made of paper, by undergoing some mechanical processes.
  • Best replacement for hazardous plastic bags usage.
  • Can be used regularly as it is very easy to handle and affordable too.
  • Let’s get in bit deeper to know how this multi wallpaper bags are made.

Things needed:

  • Paper, usually of very high quality or of multiple layers.
  • Soft wood to make pulps out of it by some crafting process.
  • Long virgin fibers to strengthen it. 
In some cases several chemicals are also preferred. Paper machine manufactures the final product by making use of above three materials.


Soft wood is taken and some wood pulps are made out of that by some crafting process. Now virgin fibers are added to it to further strengthen it. Usually some wet strengthening chemicals are also used. Then the multi wallpaper bag is produced from a paper machine where the paper undergoes microcrepping process so as to make it more elastic and permeable.

In the microcrepping process, the substance is made to dry along with reducing its size. This results in the lengthening of the material in different directions.. 

Finally to avoid the problems like humidity, oil and micro organisms, it will be coated with a layer of poly ethylene which is usually called as plastic. Sometimes depending upon the toughness required for the multi wallpaper bag, the layers of sack papers are increased to ensure its quality for the applications used.

The types of multi wallpaper bags varies depending on the application, size and the quality and the type of product you pack such as food for pets, compost and wastes from your garden.

Generally some industries classify their types as:

SOM - sewn open mouth
Here the compression and gravity process is used where the material is fabricated according to the requirement and the closets are designed in different styles.
Generally used to pack seeds, sugar etc.

SOS - self opening square bottom
This type has block bottom which is pasted to ensure better toughness.

PBOM - pinch bottom open mouth
In this type, glue tapes of very hot ones and best sealable materials are used to ensure the best packing quality.
This is generally used for high purity applications such as to pack chemicals, food etc. 

POM - pasted open mouth
In this type it has a bottom of satchel style which is open on the top.
This is preferred for carrying general using products.

PV - pasted valve & TIS
This is one of the best in quality rank. In this type a method called filling is used which is done with the help of tube or spout and is entirely fabricated in the sack plant excluding the corners.
To ensure the perfect handling capacity, sleeves are handled with tucks, tubes and double poly materials.
This can be used in packing cement, chemicals, plastics etc

paper bags manufacturers victoria
paper bags manufacturers victoria
  • Plastic usage can be greatly decreased by using this multi wallpaper bag as plastic has become health hazardous for humans and even for our planet.
  • This can be used in transport of cement, seeds, chemicals, and any type of materials.
As there are many manufacturers for multi wallpaper bags, they are available in different sizes and qualities too according to the applications. So, this can be used for all kinds of purposes. 
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