Enhance Your Bathroom With Shower Screens

Like bedroom, living room and kitchen, your bathroom too needs proper attention. A well-organized bathroom will not only impress the visitors but will also keep your home healthy and well-decorated. A whole lot of things have been introduced in the market to give a new look to the bathroom. There are various designs of bathroom fittings and fixtures, which are crafted in conjunction to the client’s desires and demands. Among the long line of bathroom accessories, shower screens are of great significance.

shower screens Mornington
Shower Screens Mornington

Some Important Benefits of Shower Screens:

Talking about modern home decor, shower screens have become a necessary bathroom item. They are in vogue these days and serve multiple purposes. Incorporating them into the bathroom will surely bring new grace and charm to the entire home ambiance. Moreover, they are also found at reasonable prices. Hence, one can add value to their bathroom at pocket saving prices. Furthermore, they are also highly functional in nature as they stop water from spreading all over the place. 

Different Types of Shower Screens Found Recently:

Today, there is no end to luxurious items when it comes to bathrooms. Most people take immense pleasure while taking their shower bath. It freshens up their mind reducing their stress and tension. But such enjoyment may increase the risk of falls for them as shower bath might spread water all over the floor making it slippery.

This is where you need to have a proper shower screen that can guard water from scattering all over the floor. Thus, now you can find your bathroom dry by choosing the right screens, which are available in great variations at many online and offline stores selling bathroom accessories.

The following comprehensive list includes different types of shower screens, which the customers may come across while they shop.

  • Sliding door – As the name is suggesting, this type of shower screen is equipped with the sliding facility. It includes fixed panel along with a door. This door can slide to a particular side allowing the individuals to enter as well as exit the shower. This sliding door is easy to access and suitable for all kinds of bathroom.  

  • Pivot door – It is that type of screen shower in which maximum panels are found to be fixed in place completely. However, the door can pivot outward or inward conveniently whenever it is opened and this happens because of the pivot hinge present on the door. 

  • Fixed panel – This category of screen shower does not include any door rather it includes a glass panel. It can also be used to make a walk in shower. 

  • Corner shower screens – They are designed in such a manner that they can be fixed up in any corner of the bathroom. Each of the models of corner shower screens includes many fixed panels with a pivot door, which enables people to enter or exit the shower. 

  • Fixed and swing shower screens – This type of shower screens is quite similar with the model of interior doors. The fixed and swing shower screens have swinging door and a fixed panel. They are perfect for the bathrooms, which encompass ample floor space so that doors can be opened outwards.
shower screens Frankston
Shower Screens Franston

Additional Options of Shower Screens:

In addition to the above-mentioned shower screens, the potential buyers can also find some more options for their desired products. These include:

·         Fully frameless
·         Semi frameless
·         Fully framed

Thus, it can be concluded that both from the function and style angle, shower screens are indispensable bathroom essentials. find out how to transform your bathroom with modern shower screens.

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