Stainless Steel Sinks In Commercial Establishments

Sinks are basin shaped attachments fixed to walls; they are mostly used in homes, restaurants, clinics etc. their main purpose is to wash hands or face. They are fixed with taps to provide water and have an outlet at the bottom to drain out the used water. As with many other items, sinks too are available for domestic or commercial use. Commercial sinks made with stainless steel are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, they are either fixed to walls or are portable, the portable varieties are fitted to stands and some of them are also fitted with wheels. They are much bigger that the domestic varieties and these are made in different designs depending on the purpose that it is meant for. They also have fittings like side trays, cabinets etc. Stainless steel sinks are lightweight, easy to clean and are hygienic; since many models are made up of individual pieces they can easily be fitted or disassembled making them convenient for storing or transportation.
commercial stainless steel sinks
Multi Utility Sinks For Hotels And Eateries
Sinks made for restaurants are usually single large units with a number of smaller sinks that enable a number of customers to use it simultaneously. The kitchens are fitted with big sinks for washing vegetables or meat sinks for washing plates, dishes, etc. are usually fitted with cabinets at the bottom for keeping the washed items. Some are also fitted with racks with gaps at the bottom to drain away the water from cleaned utensils. For occasions like outdoor parties sinks which are fitted to stands are used, they are portable and lightweight making them easy for transportation. Many roadside cafeterias make use of the sinks as it is easy to store them after use, moreover they do not occupy much space as many models have two sinks on a single stand, while one side is meant for customers the other one located behind it can be used for washing dishes.

Hygienic And Easy To Maintain
Stainless steel sinks are widely used in hospitals and clinics as these are easy to clean and making them more hygienic. They are used in operation and examination rooms since they can be fitted with cabinets in which instruments can be stored. Rooms in which patients that should not or cannot move are provided with sinks which can be placed close to their beds making it convenient for patients to use them. Since these types of sinks are mounted on portable stands they can be moved from one place to another easily. Some of them have containers with the lids attached to the side in which used items like napkins etc. can be put, the lid on top prevents germs and bacteria from escaping into the open.

Industries, schools and public places usually have long sinks. These sinks are provided with multiple faucets enabling a number of people to use them simultaneously. In the case of industries that deal in corrosive or hazardous substances stainless steel sinks are preferred as they can resist corrosion and are easy to maintain. Industrial laboratories which use corrosive or hazardous materials also prefer stainless sinks as persons handling such types of material have to clean their hands or other body parts thoroughly, stainless steel sinks can handle the spent water which contains traces of these materials without getting effected by them.
stainless steel sinks
Most Preferred Metal
Stainless steel sinks that are meant for commercial use are available in a wide variety of designs; most of them are custom made to suit the requirements of the customers, while many of them are mounted on table like frames some are also fitted to walls find the best sinks from them.

Since the discovery of stainless steel many items have been made from it mainly due to its soft malleable nature which enables it to be made in various shapes. Sinks made with stainless steel are preferred for domestic use as well as in commercial establishments mainly because it is less expensive than other materials, it is lightweight and since its surface is smooth and hard it does not retain any residue making it more hygienic than many other available materials.          
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