Design The Best Varieties Of Custom Medals To Promote Brand Awareness Among Customers

Custom medals are the unique medals which give the name recognition to the team, clients, employees and business partners. Custom medals usually celebrate victory or a corporate achievement, and they also promote brand awareness and a good reputation about your company. Custom medals give a solid identity to your employees and enhance their work productivity to a large extent. There are heavy weight copper based medals and the cast medals which gives the crown. They may be of gold, silver and bronze which are mainly preferred for sports and academic achievements. One can choose the medal with the designs on both the side and it can be designed with the enamel paint for its enhanced look.
custom medallions
Features of customized medallions:    
  • The medals are durable and are of good quality, can have individual designs or colour prints, and enhance the level of individual excellence 
  • Custom medals are readily available at a mediocre budget, from numerous online stores
  • Can be displayed for years together with pride. 

Why to choose custom medals? 
Custom medals enhance the employee proficiency of any corporate set-up and they secure a true value for investment, as the logo and designs are all chosen and customized as per the requirement of an individual.       
  • These are available for every activities, it might be sports, academic, volunteer purpose or professional.
  • Medals are representatives of the accomplishments.
  • These are attractive enough with different logos and designs with 2D and 3D options.
  • Custom medals are hard, durable and they are also made of fireproof and rust-proof materials, so that they last long.
How to buy custom medals? 
Every individual wishes to have customised medals with the unique designs. Different prospects have different ideas of logos. You can create and modify your own logo.

  • Make sure that you select a unique design with impressive logo which is incorporated with different colour, text and image.
  • Choose the best shape as there are wide varieties of shapes available.
  • Choose the appropriate size which suits the situation and logo.
  • Choose the attractive colours.
  • Choose the best metal finishes like gold, silver and bronze.
  • Buy the medals at the best price with the high quality.    
    Design tips 
    Whenever you are framing your own design and logo for your school or company, you should always keep few things in mind which will be very helpful to get the attractive and simple medal.       

    • Design should be always simple; as simple as it is, it enhances look.
    • Keep the background simple and the logo and lettering should be raised with enamel colours for impressive medal. It can be made more impressive by 3D medals.
    • You can design on both sides with different designs or keep the one side blank with the plain surface.
    • The size and shape should be chosen as per your logo and lettering 
    custom medals
    Factors that affect the price of custom medals
    There are several factors which decide about the price of custom medals. Colouring and the enamelled base of the medals enhance the overall budget. Traditional antique finishing can be done but these might be costly. The cost can go high for three-dimensional and deep earthy tones of colour. Cost varies for two dimensional and three dimensional medals. Ribbons and extra decorations, engravings and customized names cost you more, but you can reduce the price by buying items in bulk.

    The custom medals are unique and one can increase his organizations reputation also by providing it to the students or employees. There are numerous medal manufacturers always opt for the best quality and bulk quantity manufacturer, which always leads to a profitable business.

    So here, custom medallions also use for school, clubs and also corporation achievement. Stay connect with us for altered option available with custom medals and their different features.

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