What Are The Facilities Provided By a 1 Bedroom Granny Flat?

There are many trends that can be seen today in the real estate sector and these reflect the need and choice of modern life. One such popular trend these days is of granny flats. Do not be misled by the name. For small dwellings and less number of people, the one room granny flat is the most viable option to choose from.  A granny flat is not a flat on a multi-stored building but rather they are small houses built on the property where the main house is located. It can be referred to as the second home.  It can be built on any side of the house and there are local regulations regarding the construction of granny flats.
1 bedroom granny flat
There are certain authority certifications that you need for building a granny flat, and you can also get a resale value for your property if you have an additional 1 bedroom granny flat to let on rent.

The functionality of a granny flat:
Apart from just one bedroom, a 1 bedroom granny flat has rooms such as:

  • Living area
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • A laundry area, either as a separate area or enclosed in bathroom

What are the purposes served by a 1 bedroom granny flat?
A 1 bedroom flat can serve many purposes. It can serve as a home office for those who work from home or for those who have artistic pursuits such as painting or crafts, can make it as their work area. For those who want to add an additional bedroom or two can look at building a granny flat instead of breaking and renovating their present home.

  • Granny flats are also best suited for elderly citizens who wish to maintain their independent life yet wish to stay close to their family for safety and security reasons.
  • Newly married couples of the family or from outside who do not have the budget to buy a new house can also find granny flats convenient. For home owners, a granny flat is a great investment option as it can be rented out to earn an extra income.
  • Teenagers who wish to live independently can be accommodated in a granny flat inside the premises of their home rather than sending them far away. The granny flats can also be a getaway for people who like some solitude.
  • These spaces can serve as game room or as an additional space to host parties and meetings.  These small homes can also serve as accommodation for maids or nannies.

Points to consider for building a granny flat 
First, get the necessary permission from authorities if required. Check out about the size restrictions to build a 1 bedroom flat. Generally, if there is enough space inside your premises where your house is standing, there should not be any problem. There are some rules that need to be followed such as only the owner of the main home can build a granny flat, and there can be just one granny flat in the property. These flats should have separate and clear access.
one bedroom granny flat designs
Just because the space is limited in a 1 bedroom granny flat, designs are not. You can choose a plethora of designs. You can even make a miniature version of your present home or make the flat in a design that you have dreamt for your dream home but could not be done for your current residence.

1 bedroom granny flats are very popular these days. Parents find it a great option to keep their young children at home for longer rather than they moving out. These are not just good investment ideas, but they are also great deal-clinchers when you need privacy and security for your children or other family members.
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