Multipurpose Solutions with Stainless Steel Instrument Trolley

The instrument trolley is one of the most crucial aspects of the hospital scene, in more detail, especially the operation theater where it is always present to help the doctors prepare and organize their instruments and equipment in order to carry out the surgery for the individual. A stainless steel instrument trolley is not just durable and strong, but it can also be sanitized and disinfected with great ease. Customized options are available for making different shapes and designs of a stainless steel instrument trolley. There are multiple online dealers and manufacturers who sell stainless steel instrument trolley at discounts for doctors and medical professionals. 
stainless steel instrument trolley
Keep your Stainless steel instrument trolley germ-free
There are various types of things in a stainless steel instrument trolley that need to be sanitized and kept germ-free as they are widely used during operations.        
  •  The steel used in this process is mainly an Austenitic steel which is rated at 316 which is then boded with a Martensitic steel panels which are rated at 440 and 420 for optimum usage.
  • However, there is no specified requirement of the type of stainless steel used in the construction of a stainless steel instrument trolley apart from the fact that it should not allow for the equipment and tools to be contaminated which has prompted for the use of any kind of high quality stainless steel that carries high resistance to corrosion.
  • There are different forms of stainless steel instrument trolleys, which are even used in cosmetic industry and in tattoo studios, for medical purposes only, as they ensure that all the essential devices and medical tools are neatly arranged in these trolleys.

What are the factors to consider while buying a stainless steel instrument trolley?       

  • It Should be resistant to corrosion and durable
  • Sound construction without any weakness or wobble, as they must ensure maneuverability
  • Should have ample of space for keeping equipment

A stainless steel instrument trolley can be designed with or without a lid, depending on the precise requirements. If volatile medicines or spirit is to be stored, then the stainless steel instrument trolley must be covered up with a lid. Also, after dressing, the used bandages and blood-stained cotton pieces must be covered inside trolley, and then they must be thrown into the garbage vats.
stainless steel medical trolleys
These trolleys must not spread infections:

  • While the core aspect, the trolley is required to be made from a corrosion resistant stainless steel, the rest of the aspects of the stainless steel instrument trolley can also be made using aluminum with an anti-corrosive coating in order to prevent any kinds of airborne particles to disperse and cause any kinds of infections. The lightweight but robust construction allows for the stainless steel instrument trolley to be moved around the operation theatre with ease.
  • Another important aspect is the height of the trolley, many carts are available on a fixed construction platform; however, there are carts that are available with a height adjustable platform which can be used to address any kinds of height issues as well as any conflict with another trolley which may sometimes impede the surgeon’s actions.
  • Trolley and the whole platform is to be mounted on wheels which allows for the easy organization around the operation theatre and can be pulled forward when needed and pushed away when not needed, this is also useful in helping the surgeons move on and about in the operation theatre itself.     

  • Another crucial aspect is cleaning which should be addressed with utmost care, the trolley should be built in such a way that it can be removed from its hinges to aid in the easy cleaning and maintenance to keep it sterile and help the surgeon save lives.

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