Popular Choice for Your Homes : Plantation Shutters

These days, plantation shutters have emerged as a popular choice for homes. The idea is to create interior shutters that offer protection and also create an aesthetic appeal. There are a lot of factors that one should keep in mind when choosing these shutters, these are built for windows and the prices are often the same. Here is an insight-

One important thing you need to keep in mind is that these shutters are not the same as traditional shutters. The plantation shutters are narrow and they also have smaller louvers as compared to the regular ones found today. The traditional ones are not installed inside these days because the idea is to allow natural light inside.

Check for online reviews 
A lot of people ignore the fact that these shutters are available online as well. The idea is that you are able to get honest reviews from people who have already bought and used these shutters. Review of plantation shutters are vital for individuals who want to get the best buys. Through these reviews you will get to know more about the product, their durability, use and other similar details. So make sure that you compare these reviews before purchasing these shutters.

Styles and designs
There are plenty of designs and styles for these shutters. They come in a variety of sizes and louvers and that gives you enough room for flexibility. Size is actually a very personal decision but if you have very high ceilings then you should also ensure that the plantation shutters match the same, else the look will not really be appealing. In this reference, it is important to measure the windows first and then decide on the size of shutters that you want.

Customized shutters are ideal for homes and they provide you with the benefit of adding another feature to your home. It enhances and spruces up the simplest decor and provides you functional shutters. You can have them built in or even built out using a divider rail. You can choose for some plantation shutter styles that are deigned with divider rail or even using the double hung style that is very popular in bathrooms.

When shopping for shutters, there are some factors that you should keep in mind-
  • One is the cost of these shutters. Remember that though cost wise the plantation shutters may seem same like others or even low, but you should ensure that the quality is good. So check for the material and other related factors that may affect the cost.
  • The other aspect here is the tension adjustment screws that help in preventing and handling the issues with louvers. You should also check for mortised hinges that provide or offer you with a frame to install that provides on bi-fold panels on the outside.
  • Along with this, the woods from which these panels are crated also play an important role. As mentioned above, the quality of the wood can break or make your shutters. Avoid buying the plantation shutters made from pine wood as they are terrible to bleed sap. Also look out for rabbited edges because these tend to stop the light from getting through the center portion or where these panels meet.
  • As a thumb rule, the side rails should be at least 1 1/2 inch thick for stopping the warping of the material. And lastly, do compare the prices and the ratings of all the companies available in your area because prices and quality does vary and you want the best for your home.

All above information related to plantation shutter, you can also browse the internet and get different review and usage of plantation blinds!
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