Get Rid of Your Waste With Professional Skip Bin Hire

Skip bins come handy whenever you have to dispose off any domestic or industrial waste or shift material from one place to another on moving homes or renovating your offices. Skip bins come in various sizes from 2m to 8m long and these are suited for wide range of uses – such as disposing off construction waste, dirt, structure, cleaning out the basement, renovating the home or office, moving home or office etc. Skip bin hire services provide you with skips or bins of required sizes to handle the material you want to move. The size of the bin depends upon what material you intend to move.

For instance, if you wish to clean out your basement or your garden, you will want to get rid of leaves, tree stumps, dirt, tree shavings, old furniture, scrap metal, fencings, yard waste etc. and a small bin may also do. You may also need to inform the skip bin hire company if you need to transport metal scrap, door or window frames, counters, concrete, soil, tiles etc. The company will advise you on the best size bin to hire.

On the other hand you may need a larger bin for disposing of commercial wastes such as in large construction or renovation sites. The larger bins are usually lockable and are provided with rollers for easy loading and unloading.  However, for large construction projects that stretch for years generating considerable waste, you may need to hire skip bins for long term.
Skip bins can also be hired for document disposal. In these cases, you may need to take a written confirmation from the company.

Hire charges are usually as per tonnage or weight. Capacity ranges from 2.5m3 to a whopping 23 m3. These bins are almost the size of a ship container.
While hiring skip bins, you may want to keep a few things in mind:
  • Ascertain the material you want to be transported
  • Talk with the skip bin  hire provider company about the optimum size of bin for your needs
  • Check the charges per tone
  • Ensure that the company has license and insurance
  • Check if there are any materials that the company doesn’t handle
  • Also check if you can mix two types of materials. Suppose you have hired a bin for disposing off old bricks, you may not be able to add garden waste in it
  • The delivery leads i.e the time between placing an order and actually receiving the bin.
  • Whether same day pick up is available. This is necessary as at some places it is not possible to park the bin overnight due to space restrictions or local regulations.
  • Whether the company will be able to arrange for necessary permits. Higher capacity bins require permits for transportation. Certain city areas also require permits from local authorities for placing of bins.
Mobile skip bins are also available and these do not require any special permit for placement and are a convenient option where the hire service provider is not able to arrange for the necessary permits.

Do not load the skip bins above the rim or else you may be fined for the same. Similarly putting material other than the one it is intended for can also attract fines. As the hirer you will be responsible for what goes in the skip, so it is advisable to always lock the skip. Check with the skip bin hire service provider for what types and sizes of materials can be safely loaded onto the skid. Any kind of chemicals, liquids, tires, batteries are generally not allowed.
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  2. We are cleaning our house and have lots of things to get rid of. After reading this article, it sounds like a skip bin would be an efficient method of disposal. It is an easy way to have things that you no longer need transported out of your way. I will look into this and find a company within my budget.

  3. We just finished a home project and need to get the space cleared. There are a lot of materials that are not going to fit in a regular garbage bin. I've been working on getting a finding a trash bin, but I don't know the size. If the material are mostly wood and drywall what do I need?

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