Timber Pallets, The Oldest And The Most Effective Pallets For Effective Handling Of Goods

A pallet is simply a structure that is used for transporting goods by lifting it with a front loader, a pallet jack, a fork lifter, a work saver or any other device used for jacking. A pallet is the basic foundation of the structure of a unit load and provides for easy and efficient handling, transportation and storage of various types of goods. If you visit a warehouse or a factory, you can see that they have stacked timber pallets for transporting goods from one place to another. These timber pallets are not just easy to use, but they are also eco-friendly and they do not pollute the environment or emit any toxic fumes.  

Timber Pallets

Recycling Value of Timber Pallets:

  • Most pallets are wooden and are called timber pallets. Pallets made of softwood are the cheapest forms of pallets and thus are often expended with and discarded after use. Moreover, when you recycle the timber pallets, you can also try to start your own business with second-hand timber pallets that are cost-effective and available in plenty.
  • These timber pallets are simple pallets and can be lifted from two sides. These stringer pallets are constituted of a frame made of three or more pieces of timber placed parallel to each other. These timber pieces are called stringers.
  • Fixing the top deck boards to the stringers makes the pallet structure. Pine is the most common softwood used to make timber pallets. The most common pine pallets are the Australian standard pallet or the pine-shipping pallet. Timber pallets also come in hardwood. These are stronger.

The Oldest Variety of Natural Pallet:

Timber pallets are the oldest forms of pallets available and are as relevant today and also as much as any other forms of pallets like metal or plastic pallets. Timber pallets can have either a two-way or a four-way design and are thus is most efficient for transport and storage. They are usually stronger and more durable than other pallets. They are more readily available in large volumes with short lead times. You can simply customize the sizes of timber pallets depending on the customer requirements, and you can even store the pallets during the stormy or rainy season, to use them later.

  • A four-way timber pallet is best to use in places with limited spaces, for example, warehouses. Four-way pallets lead to the most optimum utilization of transporting vehicles like vans, shipping containers or freightliners and are useful while loading or unloading these vehicles.
  • A two-way pallet usually has a stronger construction and is more economical.
  • The specifications of construction of timber pallets can vary as per the purpose for which the pallet is to be used. These can be the type of wood wanted the weight of the load, chemical use, storage criteria, export purposes and more.

Export Quality Timber Pallets Used by Lumbering Companies:

Reputed transportation, storage, and packaging companies often source the timber for their timber pallets from plantations that meet their rigorous and high standards of quality.

  • These companies use automated pallet making machinery to manufacture pallets. Mostly the timber is unseasoned. Export packaging usually requires heat-treated timber.
  • The lifespan of your pallet depends on a number of factors like the use of the pallet - internal or external or both, home country use or export purposes, wide or close distribution of goods.
  • It is advised to store timber pallets outside or in a detached structure to prevent possible fire hazards. Caution is also advised while using timber pallets for transporting food as they can harbor pathogens. 
Various companies are today also promoting the repairing and reuse or recycling of timber pallets rather than discarding them, given the environmental implications of felling a large number of trees to meet the demand for timber pallets. 
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