Imagination Is The Key For Great Custom Medals For Giving Out On Special Occasions

There has been a constant debate regarding the utilities of regular medals and the custom medals, and which will be good for awarding an achievement and which can be better for promoting a product or a service. Custom medals are made with the help of professional designers, who can advice you on the shape, color, design and texture of the custom medal, so that you can award your employees with these medals, or else you can even use these medals for some sports achievements.

What is the first step to get a custom medal?
For making custom medals, approach a professional custom medal making organization or company and specify your requirements.  If you wish to incorporate the logo of your organization or company, then you should carry it with you so that the custom medal makers can copy it for your medal. For instance, if you are the principal of a school or an institution, you can emboss the core values on the medal and if you are a corporate boss, you can embellish the medals with some fiery trigger words that will encourage your employees for a better performance.

Types of custom medals
  • In big sporting and other events, the first prizewinner gets a gold medal, the second runner-up gets silver and the third place gets a bronze. You can get custom medals that can have different finishes such as gold, silver, bronze or even black stain. The size of medals can vary, from as little as 1 inch to 5 inches in width. The medals come with a ribbon and even the ribbon colors can vary depending on the client’s need.
  • Some companies like to have their name in quirky design on the ribbons, while some would like to have the ribbon in a color that matches with the color of their logo. 

Points to be noted while you place order for custom medals
  • Design is the first step: The design of the custom medals is of utmost important because it is what is eventually going to be your medal. Any artwork, logo, or design can be used for making a custom medal.
  • Color of the medal: You will have to show the color to the custom medal makers because even a slight variation in color can be damaging. It is best to take a color palette with you rather than choosing from the computer.
  • Shape and size of the custom medal: Though round-shaped medals are the popular ones, nowadays, unique shapes are being sought for custom medals. There is of course, a minimum and maximum size for medals, be it custom made or conventional ones. The minimum that you can go for is 1 inch and the maximum width can be 5 or 6 inches.
  • Choose the finish: Either antique finish in gold, silver or bronze can be chosen or similar polish can be selected as per your budget and requirements.
  • The ribbon for the custom medal: The medal makers can make the ribbon in various materials, colors, and designs. You just have to specify what you need. Though satin is the popular choice for medal ribbons, you can also have it in a single color or in assorted colors. Different prints too can be chosen. If you wish to have your company name or the design of the product of your company or any other design, that too can be incorporated. 
If a shiny or a quirky medal is what you need, you can even get that made. Thus, when you are out to place an order for custom medals, do keep the above points in mind and just let your imagination soar, because the more you will have ideas, better will be your custom medals and happier will be the recipients.

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