Get Improved Quality and Speed with Fully Robotic Trimming

The trimming process of a thermoformer’s business needs to be quite productive and flexible for the success of the operations. Robotic trimming is a widely used concept these days which ensures quality and safe trimming of thermoformed plastics. These trimmers have become quite advanced these days with the improvements in technology. The 5 axis robotic trimming is the latest technique which several industries are putting to use for their production purposes. The 5-axis routers have several robotic axis heads which can easily route and trim the parts which are deeper or have multiple angles and surfaces. These parts are mainly the pressure and vacuum-formed items.
5 Axis Trimming
5 Axis Trimming
Many companies use split-beds over their routers for improving the efficiency at the time of unloading and loading of small parts. This means that when the user unloads or loads one part, another part continues to get routed. The 5 axis robotic trimming system requires the installation of several other supportive technologies so that the user can enjoy the overall benefit of the process. Thus, the implementation of the system must be done properly.

Common Applications of The Robotic Trimming Routers

  • Helps in the trimming of draped and bent formed parts.
  • Cutting of patterns and molds.
  • Routing and trimming of pressure and vacuum-formed parts.
  • Post-fabrication of subassemblies and assemblies.
  • Trimming of flat sheets.

Benefits of Using the Robotic Trimmers:

Companies using the 5 axis robotic trimming system consider it as the turn key solution for their manufacturing processes. The manufacturers of blow moulders, thermoformers, injection molders, composites and rotational molders can increase their uptime, throughput, and safety of the employees with the use of the robotic trimming system. Listed below are some of the other benefits which this trimming process offers to the users:
5 Axis Trimming
5 Axis Trimming
  • Precision: The system of robotic trimming helps to deliver repeatable results and precision in the manufacturing of products. The industry-standard tolerance level of the company gets enhanced a lot with the application of this system.
  • Safety: The use of the 5 axis robotic trimming system is quite safe and thus helps in controlling several risk factors associated with production. There are solid guards around the trimming system which ensures the safety of the team members. Manual trimming can be really dangerous owing to the high speed of the equipment used for rotating.
  • Speed: Human beings can slow down but robots do not. They keep running at the same speed and thus help the companies in delivering more products per hour. The reliability and speed of the trimming process ensure that there is no stoppage in operations.
  • Flexibility: The robotic trimming system has the 5-axis arm along with the rotating table which is servo-controlled. This means that the machine can handle almost any item that the user throws at it. Even if it is some type of complex trimming, the 5 axis robotic trimming system can handle the process with ease and confidence.
  • Quality: There is no questioning about the quality of the products that come out after the trimming process. This is because robots never get distracted in their functioning and thus the results are always consistent. The users can also program the machine as per their requirements so that every part gets trimmed perfectly.

Big Investment with Huge Cost Benefits for Future:

It is true that the 5 axis robotic trimming system involves a lot of investment on the part of the companies. There are several moving parts in the system which requires proper maintenance for the optimum functioning of the system. However, the cost benefits which the user derives from the application of the process totally validate the investment. Robotic trimming helps in minimizing mistakes and thus the costs associated with them also gets nullified. Thus, companies can offer products to the customers at more competitive rates.
Thus, by implementing robotic trimming in their operations, the companies can explore new business opportunities, improve relationships with their customers, and get enhanced financial results.

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