5 Advantages of Using Bathroom Mixer Taps

Like we know, the mixer taps are capable of delivering a mixture of hot and cold water together and it is one key advantage of having mixer taps. It is an essential for every bathroom because it can be suitable to use in any weather or climate. The user can choose the right proportion of the blending (of the cold water and the hot water) to get the perfect mixture.
bathroom mixer taps
Bathroom Mixer Taps
It draws out both cold and hot water from the different sources, combines the two in the desired proportion and forces is to exit via a single spout, in a single flow. It is certainly better to install mixer taps for your bathroom and add more comfort to your life. Endorsing the product is justified because it makes a living more comfortable and convenient without having to endure harsh conditions under any circumstances.

A look at the major benefits of mixer taps

Out of the numerous, elaborate advantages that mixer taps have today, only some of them have been selected and mentioned in detail below:

#1. Convenient: Mixer taps have taken convenience to a whole new level. With separate taps, the user had to spend a lot of time and effort in trying to achieve the perfect temperature of the water. Both the taps had to be opened simultaneously, and the combination had to be figured out. Usually, the cold-water tap had to be left open slightly less than the hot water one (mostly opened completely).

However, it involved constant checking and keeping guard. This was unnecessary and inconvenient. That is what gave rise to the need for mixer taps. The user gets full control over the temperature of the water flowing out of the taps. No waiting, no constant checking and definitely no need for constant supervision. Once the mixing tap has achieved the temperature, it can be left to itself, and the right temperature water will keep flowing till you close the tap.

#2. Versatility: Bathroom mixer taps are versatile by nature. It can be installed as a wash basin tap or a bathtub tap. That way, the user can mix the waters in the proportion he wants, be it in the bath or the washbasin. A shower mixer is a piece of bathroom equipment that adds more versatility that allows the user to switch between a tap and a hand-held shower.

#3. Appearance: Mixer taps come in various sleek designs, shapes and sizes with unparalleled quality of finishing. From the traditional to modern style, mix taps come in a wide range of varieties. Their sleek body plated with different kinds of metal makes them suitable for every bathroom. The user can pick out a design and finish that he or she thinks would suit his or her bathroom the best. Therefore, bathroom mixer taps deliver both on comfort as well as looks at the price of one.

#4. Built-in thermostats: Mixer taps come with a built-in thermostat that allows the user to set the temperature to a certain extent. A far setting the temperature to the desired extent, the water comes out of the spout at that temperature every time. Now since the water is heated up to the desired temperature faster, a lot less water is wasted on testing for the perfect temperature.

#5. Easy to use: The mechanism is easy when it comes to handling the bathroom mixer taps. They usually come with a lever operated handle that has a certain amount of flexibility sideways. Once the tap has been used, the handle can be flicked down to closed the tap.
bathroom mixer taps
Bathroom Mixer Taps
Hence, these are the five basic advantages of mix taps for the bathrooms. It is a part of the modern-day lifestyle and somewhat a necessary extravagance too.
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