Things to Consider While Choosing Ideal Commercial Juice Extractor

Whether you own a restaurant, a cafe, or a juice bar, an optimal juice extractor is a vital factor to ensure a good and continuous supply of fresh juice throughout the day. Other than quantity, serving quality and fresh juice all along the day plays a major role in determining the fate of your commercial outlet. If you already have or are planning to open one such commercial juice outlet and are looking for a suitable juice extractor that matches the needs of your customers there are some important factors that can help you choose one such juicer.

Juice Extractor
Juice Extractor

Factors That Help in Determining a Suitable Juicer

Scale of Business

Depending on the scale of your business or outlet, you can figure out the capacity of a juicer needed and choose accordingly. If you have a small outlet, a low-capacity juicer id good, but for a relatively bigger restaurant or cafe, a larger-capacity juicer would be needed to ensure a continuous supply of juice at all times.

Powerful and Sturdy

Other than the capacity of the juicer, its power and sturdiness are also important to match its constant use. Commercial juicers should have a powerful motor along with a durable body that ensures its sustenance.

Shelf Life

Since commercial juicers have to perform more than a regular household one and are costlier as well than the latter, it should have a long shelf life to validate the investment made on it. To ensure that, you should look for one that offers a longer warranty period, the minimum being 5-15 years.


Though commercial juicers are costlier than their household counterparts owing to their heavy use, their price differs according to their capacity. You can also look for a good quality unit offered on sale or at a competitive price by your local retailers if you are on a budget.


The manufacturer or brand of the juicer also matters if you wish for a good quality product. Depending on your budget, you can choose a good brand unit available through online retailers at competitive prices or at your local store.

Nature of Juice

The nature or type of juice you service at your outlet helps in determining the type of juicer needed. If you just serve citrus juice, then a dedicated heavy duty juicer is the optimal choice but if you serve healthy juices which include vegetables as well, then an extractor that processes both fruits, as well as vegetables, is the one for you. There are also juice extractors available that can process unpeeled fruits such as lemons and oranges. Also, for small-scale outlets, a manual juicer is also an option.


If you run a super active juice outlet and need a continuous supply of juice to match the demand, you should make sure you select a juicer that works fast and that does not require you to empty the pulp collector after every round.

Service Centre

Since you cannot afford to invest in a juicer which breaks down easily or whose spare parts are not easily available, you should confirm whether there is a service center for the particular juicer available near you if it ever needs instant repair.

Commercial Juice Extractor
Commercial Juice Extractor
After carefully considering these factors, you can choose the best juice extractor for your business or outlet. You can choose one that suitably matches the nature or scale of your business as well as that is known for performing well in particular conditions. You can always check reviews online by experts for the shortlisted units before finally investing upon it.
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