Dog Sitting Can Be a Comfortable Experience for Your Pet

If you have a dog and you want to travel to a far destination, there is nothing to worry if you identify a good dog sitting. You will have to look for caregivers who not only feed your dog on time but can also provide the right companionship for your dog, making sure they are taken for their regular walks and are provided play time besides taking care of their safety and security. You definitely have the option of leaving them in other boarding facilities available but it is always best to think about the pros and cons. The potential problem at putting dog in any boarding facility will be that there are a lot of other dogs you are not familiar with and there are chances of your dog contracting any contagious disease. There is also a cleanliness factor that comes into question here. A better option is a dog sitter.

Considerations before you hire a dog sitter

A dog sitter can come to your house for the number of hours agreed upon, everyday, or probably even move into the house while you are away so that your dog will not feel lonely. As your dog is in familiar surroundings it will be more comfortable and will not be exposed to any kind of diseases. The most important factor here is to trust the dog sitter. So, taking that extra effort to choose a dog sitter becomes essential for the safety of your home besides your dog.

1. Make sure you opt for the right sitter
You need to be sure about the person you are hiring and so you need to take referral from friends, family, the vet or even the dog trainer. You can look for contacts online but do not make a hasty decision.

2. Training and qualifications to be looked into
When you interview the potential dog sitter you need to make sure to ask for past experience and what types of dogs the dog sitter has looked after.  You can also find out if the dog sitter has completed any training related to dog sitting. Your sitter should be able to handle your dog even if it has any behavioral problems. You need to ask certain details to make sure your dog is in safe hands.

3. Look for insurance and bonding
Ask for written proof from your sitter of the commercial liability insurance and it should be bonded so that it protects you against any kind of theft.

4. Find out how you will communicate
You need to make sure of the communication between you and the dog sitter while you are away. This helps if there is any sort of problem with the dog. Most of the dog sitters keep a record of the food your pet has eaten and also any changes in behavior while you are away, and there are some who send messages or even digital photos which can let you be in peace.

5. The Fees and Services
You should be aware of how much fees you are going to be charged. It is better to get this clear before you leave so that there are no hassles later. If the dog sitter is not going to stay in your house, you need to know how many times he/she will be visiting and at what time. You also need to clarify whether the service includes walking and grooming the dog, or probably do any other vacation jobs like watering the plants. Most important is will he/she take your dog to the vet in case of an emergency and in case you are delayed will the services be extended. Make sure your sitter is able to provide references of the past and also be able to interact with your dog before you leave.

Do you want to know more about dog sitting? Let’s go to the details for getting more information.

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